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                    Januari  01  2016



Georget rode for more than twenty years with the best cyclists of the time. Thanks to his exceptional experience, he will advise you and provide services of the best quality.

 If you decide to buy a bicycle (among the large choice available), do mention that you are a SHAPE member.  When you pay, you will receive the invoice with the SHAPE mention.  
You then bring the invoice to the SHAPE VAT office and ask  for the VAT reimbursement.

With this document, you go back to Georget's shop and the VAT will be reimbursed !


Cycles Georget  Rue Grande, 162   7020 MONS (MAISIERES)

The store is opened from:

Tuesday to Satursday:
0900Hr - 1200HR and 1330Hr - 1900Hr

Sunday and monday:


  Phone number...+32(0)65319961
Fax  number......+32(0)65316319